Travelling with your pet?

Travelling with a dog, cat or ferret is now much easier with the new EU pet passport available at the Veterinary Clinic Rovinj. 


All dogs, cats and ferrets must have a passport and, for identification purposes, be fitted with an electronic microchip or have a clearly readable tattoo, applied before July 2011. (Tattoos are not accepted by Ireland, Malta or the United Kingdom which only admit microchipped animals).


All pets must be vaccinated against rabies and the details entered in their pet passport.

The vaccination must be carried out after the microchipping or tattooing.


From January 2012, specific tapeworm treatment must be given to all dogs by a vet before travelling to Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Details of the treatment must appear in the pet passport and the dog can then travel between one to five days after the treatment.


Every country has different requirements, both for export and import of animals, although some features are common to all.


Common features

All countries:

  • Subcutaneous (below the skin) microchip implant that meets the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (SoP) specification.
  • Certified rabies vaccination, with some kind of prior period of time or evidence the vaccination is working.

Some countries:

  • Animal treated for ticks, fleas and tapeworms between 24 and 48 hours before boarding the outbound transport. The time limit is usually enforced strictly (ie no less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours before check-in)
  • Vet's letter or certificate confirming fitness to travel and/or no obvious signs of disease.
  • Government certification that the vet's export documentation and certificates are in order for travel.
  • Sometimes certain carriers or import/export points only, will allow animals.


In some countries the formal passport is needed. Others will accept documentation in any form, so long as it is clearly evidential of the procedure being followed. Usually the animal and its papers are checked thoroughly both on boarding or export, and again upon arrival.

The Pet passport alone can be used to enter some countries if it records all relevant information (e.g. the UK), but it will not suffice to enter many countries. For instance Guatemala, in common with almost every country operating such a scheme, demands that all imported pets have a rabies vaccination, but will not accept the Pet Passport as proof of said vaccination. They need to see the proof of the rabies in the animal's vaccination records.


Further information on travelling with pets in the EU:




At the Veterinary Clinic Rovinj, we provide all services needed so you and your pet can have a safe trip home. 

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